Orange Nail Polish for Fall

  • Orange nail polishes shared on Instagram.
  • orange glitter nail polish
  • Carnelian, Spiced Pumpkin, Polished Copper and Coral Sand
Orange nail polishes shared on Instagram.

Orange nail polishes shared on Instagram.


In the last post I shared a comparison of some beautiful brown polishes for Fall/Autumn.   Today, we’ll look at some of the yummy oranges that would make great manis as the weather starts to cool and the leaves start changing.   This photo collage was shared on Instagram.


Speaking of leaves changing, we start with Ablaze.  Loaded with brown, bronze, gold, orange, red and copper glitters like falling leaves.  Next is Candy Corn full of orange, yellow and white glitters in multiple sizes.  Very much like someone took a bag full of candy corn and blitzed it in the food processor for a couple seconds.  Coin Toss is from the Team Spirit line and great for University of Tennessee Vols fans.  Lots of orange accented with white and a little bit of peach.  Last but not least, Caribbean Sunset.  While I wouldn’t classify it as a traditional Fall color combo, it does give you a pop of bright color over some of Autumn’s darker base colors like black, dark blue or dark purple.

Ablaze, Candy Corn, Coin Toss and Caribbean Sunset

Ablaze, Candy Corn, Coin Toss and Caribbean Sunset



Next up, we have a selection of solid color, shimmery pearl nail polishes.  Carnelian is reddish with a hint of burnt orange and a stunning golden shimmer.  Spiced Pumpkin is a deeper orange like pumpkin pie mix with the spices added.  Polished Copper is one of my personal favorites.  A bright, metallic chrome orange that looks great topped with dark blues or browns.  Last in this line-up, Coral Sand.  Again not a traditional Fall or Autumn color, but is does read as a fairly neutral color on all skin tones.  So another great base for some darker colors to “jump off”.

Carnelian, Spiced Pumpkin, Polished Copper and Coral Sand

Carnelian, Spiced Pumpkin, Polished Copper and Coral Sand



The last three polishes are from the Team Spirit line.   Tiger Night Lights was created as a custom order to represent Strasburg High School Tigers, with orange and black accented with silver holographic.  Extra Point is also orange and black but accented with the orange sparkle of fine copper glitters.  The last polish, Team Player,  is orange and brown/bronze glitters.  Perfect for those of us who continue to root for the Cleveland Browns.

orange and black or brown glitter nail polish

Tiger Night Lights, Extra Point and Team Player


Let me know what your favorite is in the comments below.  Thanks!



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  1. Michele Millwood

    How do i purchase the nola polish for Mardi gras?

    • Andrea Clem

      Dear Michele,

      I apologize for somehow missing your comment. I thought I had it set right to email me when someone comments but apparently not. Again, I apologize for the delay in response.

      Nola can be found 2 different ways. First here on my website by clicking the link SHOP, scrolling down to Nola, clicking on the image takes you to the item description page. Click add to cart and you will see in the sidebar that the item is “in your cart”. At this time, you can look around to see what else is in the shop or click “checkout on Etsy” which will take you straight to my shop to complete the transaction. You may use Etsy Direct checkout or Paypal to pay for your order. Please note, at NO time do I have access to your credit information. It is all handled by Etsy.

      The other way…straight to my Etsy shop Again, add to cart and checkout. Easy Peasy, just like any online shopping experience. =)

      Again I apologize for missing this comment. Thanks and have a great day!